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Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Who else here listens to Rachel Hollis podcasts? I’m totally obsessed with her Rise podcast, one about rising above all the obstacles in your way and pursuing and succeeding with your small business. The other is called Rise Together. It is a podcast Rachel does with her husband, Dave. They give advice on all things relationship: marriage, kids, communication, you name it, they talk about it. One of their topics they talk about often is DATING. “Never stop dating your spouse,” they say. At first I was like, “What? Really? How am I suppose to make that happen when I don’t remember the last night I had time to wash my hair!” BUT, it’s all about your priorities. Whether it’s time, money, no sitter or whatever your excuse is (because that is what it is, an excuse) you can prioritize everything differently to make it happen!

And I have realized just how important it is.

Our beautiful daughter, Iliana, was born 2 months before our wedding ceremony. That meant there was literally no honeymoon phase. We went straight into being parents from the day we said, “I do.” Which is perfectly imperfect. I wouldn’t have it any other way because our children are our world, and Carlos and I dated for 9 years before getting engaged so there was plenty of dating time. But somewhere along the way, passion, exploration and curiosity seemed to get lost. We never did anything alone. If we did not have the kids, we were with family or friends. And again, please don’t take this all wrong. We chose this because we LOVE our kids, family and friends, but there’s something about it just being the two of you -- focused on nothing else but each other and your connection.

Over the last year, Carlos and I have worked really hard to find our love for each other in a way we have never felt before and having DATE NIGHT is seriously one of the keys to the love treasure!! Is it realistic for us to go on extravagant outings every week? Hell no! But can we be creative and come up with something that’s just for the two of us? YES!

Here are some ideas! I’ve included a few budget-friendly / stay-at-home versions, too!

1. Brewery Tour / Beer Tasting

One thing you can do, especially if you live around Raleigh/Durham, or any other places with breweries around, is go on a tour of a brewery. It’s so fun to learn about the process and usually they include a beer at the end. You can also just bar hop between breweries, splitting a flight or even just a new beer neither of you have tried at each place. The beer tasting is just a plus of course, the point is to have one-on-one conversation while you’re doing it.

Budget/Home Friendly: This was actually one of my favorite nights. Snag a variety box of beer from the grocery store. After the kids go to bed, close your eyes and choose a beer from the fridge. No excuses, IPA or stout, you have to drink it. But during that time, you’re connecting! Talking about all the things without interruptions. Aend it’s just fun to see the other one’s reaction to a drink they don’t like, or even better, you find one you haven’t tried that you love!

2. Movie Night

This one is a given! What’s a movie that you both have been dying to see? Stop talking about it and go!

Budget/Home Friendly: Rent one from Redbox or off your streaming app! There are sooo many options. You can also always just find a new binge-worthy show!

3. Go to a Trampoline Park

Can you imagine doing this without the kids?! Helllooo! Amazing! No worrying about someone breaking an arm, running off and out of sight or having a fit because they’re too tired.

Budget/Home Friendly: Take it to your own backyard! May only last a few minutes because I’m completely not there in my fitness journey but the laughs are awesome!

4. Go Hiking

Just getting outdoors with each other in general does the soul some good and most of the time, this one is FREE!

5. Zipline or Obstacle Course

Both of these just give me all the fear to think about doing, so why not conquer that fear with your partner. They want to feel needed, wanted, brave and this would be the perfect environment for you to lean into all of that manliness.

6. Game Night

We love a good game night at home after the kids go to bed. Trivia, cards, board games, so many options!

7. Fondue Night

One of our favorite dates ever was going to Melting Pot, Carlos even remembers the first wine we had together there! It’s so sweet! (Evolution if you’re wondering). This was way before kids, when we had the extra money to go on dates like that, but it’s so easy to set this up at home, as well!

8. Sports Event

Is there a sport that both of you enjoy? If not, what is something you know your hubs enjoys? Seeing him in his element WILL make you enjoy yourself whether you care about the game or not.

Budget/Home Friendly: Just watch at home!

9. Play Mini Golf

I haven’t done this in years but I used to always love it so this is on our must-do date list coming up!

10. Attend a festival

Spring is around the corner and there are always tons of festivals coming to most large cities – everything from wine to hot air balloons or food trucks to art.

I’ll have a post coming soon with all the local NC festivals to watch out for!

11. Go to an amusement Park

We did this back in October for Howl-O-Scream at Busch Gardens and it was so fun! Being able to go and do as you please, ride the big rides, wait in longer lines with no complaining, it’s a different experience!

12. Go to the lake

I grew up on a lake and there are so many things you can do there! You can rent a canoe or paddleboat, go fishing off the pier or even just sit – and be – with our partner.

13. Volunteer

There are so many places, food kitchens, Habitat for Humanity, local animal shelters, that would totally appreciate your time – and you’re doing something good for someone else, together!

14. Take a drive

… and just talk and listen to your favorite music! Even better, throw it back to when you both started dating! Brings back the fun memories for sure!

15. Grill out

With the weather getting warmer, its an awesome time to start cooking outside! Nothing is better to me than a steak and some veggies cooked on a charcoal grill! Yum!

No grill? No problem! Cook up a meal in the kitchen and go eat outside!

At the end of the day, it’s just about spending some one-on-one time with your partner. The time you two get together with no other distractions is crucial for keeping the passion and interest in your relationship. It also gives you a chance to listen to what is happening in their life! Day-to-day can get so busy and we forget to be there for one another in the way they REALLY need it!

Get creative! And tell me some ideas you may have or fun, out of the box dates you have done!

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