DIY : Floral Rainbow Wall Mount

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Iliana's room is probably my favorite one in the whole house and we decided to give her a "big girl" room makeover to make space for her Barbie Dreamhouse she got from Santa last year. It had moved from wall to wall, corner to corner, until we finally found this spot that worked for everything else in the room -- except for the couple bare walls she now had.

Iliana LOVES mermaids, unicorns and all things girly and magical. We decided to go with that theme because she already had a ton of mermaid things. I had seen some gorgeous rainbow decals across Instagram and thought, "How perfect!" Until I saw the price. Holy moly! Whenever I found anything else in my price range, it was too cartoon-y. THEN I came across this floral arrangement on Pinterest on some bridal page and the DIY wheels started turning.

My party hoarding habit came in handy here because I had a ton of leftover fake flowers from past parties. I then bought everything else from Dollar Tree! They have every single color of the rainbow - literally! The flowers cost me about $45 but that was still a lot better than the decals I had found, plus this made the wall unique and now has so much texture.

Here's what I did!


- large cardboard box (but can be as big or small as you would like! You could do this any size!)

- boxcutter to cut your box in a rainbow shape

- small 6-12 inch ruler to measure your stripes

- pencil to make your markings

- scissors (or anything else sharp) to make your flower holes

- hot glue gun and lotsss of sticks

- LOTS AND LOTS of multi-color flowers (trimmed from their stems with ...

- wire cutters (use these! NOT scissors! It will ruin them and your fingers after a while)

*** tip: make your markings for the flowers BEFORE you buy them so you know how many to buy - obviously you will need more red at the top than purple at the bottom so you do not want the same amount of both

*** 2nd tip: the more variety you have of each color, the better!

First, you'll cut your cardboard out and measure out 6 equal stripes (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple)

Next, I started putting some flowers in to get an idea of how many I would need of each color.

I finished trimming to the size I wanted, then stared poking holes - lots and lots of holes.

Then just start adding your flowers! Use your hot glue to keep them in place as you stick but PLEASE be careful! I burnt myself a good 15 times during this project!

The more you mix in your flower varieties, the better! Also, try to balance out any big flowers you're using across the whole rainbow so it does not look clumpy. (see the peach roses in the pic)

and voila!! I finished off the wall with some poster board cut into "clouds" filled in with good ol' Elmers and Poly-fill (found in the craft/fabric section at Walmart)

This is absolutely something ANYONE could do to have the perfect amount of flair in your little girl's room or even for a party or shower!

Let me know what you think in the comments! Also, what are some other cool DIY projects you've done for your kids' spaces??

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