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Updated: Jul 29, 2020

This is more like "indoor plants for dummies" because I am one. I do not have a green thumb and do not consider myself a plant-mom, much less a pro, so take these tips as a grain of salt. However, after the total failures I've experienced with my indoor and outdoor plants over the last year, I've done some research and somehow over the last few weeks, I've been able to keep these babies alive! Over quarantine it has become quite the obsessive hobby, so here's a little of what I have learned :)

#1 : Having plant babies takes time and TLC!

There are some drought-resistant ones you can leave and forget about and they will thrive just fine, but most others, not so much. You have to WANT to put in the effort.

#2 : Not every plant is the same, so they do not need the same things!

I know, this one sounds obvious, but to me, it was not - and it encompasses every other tip following. Just because your thirsty hydrangea needs to be drowned everyday, sometimes 2 times, outside does NOT mean your indoor plants need the same! You'll also find out later that not all of them are even watered the same! (mindblown, I know)

#3 - Lighting is everything!!

There are 4 types of light when it comes to your indoor plants and it's important to make sure you have the proper light before even purchasing or deciding where you want your plant to go:

  1. Direct Light - exactly as it sounds! if your plants could squint, they would, because they're sitting right in the sun. This is great for your cactus and succulents!

  2. Indirect Light - the sweet spot! Your plants are in the sun, have a happy shadow but don't need shades, ya know? I have started all of my "tropical" plants off here and they have all been super happy!

  3. Medium Light - they can feel the light, but more like in the shadows

  4. No Light - there really aren't any plants that this is ideal for, but some can survive.

#4 - Water them according to what and how they need, not what you think they want!

Sometimes this takes a little research. For example, my bromeliad - the yellow one - you only need to change it's water every week or so. Yes, I said change, because this plant gets its water from the cup on the inside, not from the dirt! THANK YOU PINTEREST! Most of the other tropical plants, like the palm-like trees, only need it when the top inch or so is dry. I usually water these every Friday.

Also, most plants do not want to SIT in water, so if your pot does not have a drain hole at the bottom, just add some small rocks or pebbles so it is somewhat elevated out of the water.

#5 - They need nutrients! Again, do your research!

There are many ways you can add nutrients to your indoor plants without adding more soil.

For example, I was finding that many of them were browning at the tips - this was due to a lack in potassium. So I have been adding banana peel to the soil every 2-3 weeks. As the peel decomposes, it releases nutrients into the soil.

I also found in multiple places that plants love caffeine! I understand why! So every Friday evening, I have been adding my morning coffee grounds to the soil as well.

#6 - Re-pot only when needed!

- and this is usually when you start to see the roots. Clearly, at that point, your plant is telling you it needs more space. But you do not want to disturb it if you do not have to.

What tips do you have?? Because I would LOVE to know! I've actually become super passionate about my plants over the last few weeks and it has been so fun to add new, exciting ones to the collection! Do you have a favorite in your collection I should check out??

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