July's Stitch Fix Unboxing!

I’ve been using Stitch Fix to “shop” for my clothes for about 4-5 months now, and y’all, I’m obsessed! Shopping for the kids the old-fashioned way is so easy – you see a good sale online or a cute new boutique item so you buy it in their size, and VOILA! It fits! Almost every time! But shopping for myself, as a woman, is freaking hard! Especially us moms, where every day my body feels and looks different than the day before.

StitchFix takes the guess work out of it! They make shopping for me easy again!

THEY keep up with my sizes, what I like, how I want my clothes to fit, my wants and needs! I just have to update them if something changes. Like maybe this month I think I’m extra bloated and want some looser tops. Or maybe I dropped those pesky 5 extra lbs and I feel confident about moving down a size (or around the holidays I go up!)

THEY keep up with the trends! I don’t need to be on top of all of the “what’s cool now” because it’s they’re job to style you! But don’t worry, they also send classics you can wear all year long, too! Like my jean jacket earlier this Spring, I can not wait to pull that back out this Fall!

THEY tell you what to put with each piece! Many of the pieces you can put together but they also send you a look book that gives you 2 different looks for each piece they send. The options are endless!

THEY handle the prices. You set up your price limit (I do not spend over $50 on anything because hello.. toddler and infant at home). At times you stylist will send you pieces that are over your limit, and sometimes I splurge if it is that good, or you just return it and tell them it’s too expensive and they’ll do better the next time.

RETURNS / EXCHANGES ARE FREE AND EASY! There’s literally a USPS bag with a label already attached that you put your items in that you do not want to keep. Fits right into your mailbox or local USPS drop box. Easiest return process ever!

So I wanted to share with yall my JULY BOX! My likes, dislikes, what I’m keeping, sending back and I want your opinions too! Share with me what you’ve gotten in your boxes that you love and of course, if you have never tried Stitch Fix before, my link is at the end of this post for you to get started!

Item #1: Alveria Embroidered Off the Shoulder Top

Likes: I love ANYTHING off the shoulder, and the embroidery on this top was gorgeous! The length came just where it needed and it was nice and loose, which I love!

Dislikes: This one came right down to price, at the moment I could not splurge which makes me SO sad, but I'm hoping I'll get something similar in the next fix!

Keep or Return: RETURN

Item #2: Lorinda Crochet Detail Knot Front Knit Top

Likes: The light green color was so pretty, almost olive but not so deep. The detailed high neckline was very unique and the knot in the front was also very trendy

Dislikes: The front came a little high for me. I've been forcing myself into these jeans for a while now and they has caused the zipper to gap a bit so I need my tops to be a little longer. I actually have something very similar to this; same green color

Keep or Return: RETURN

Item #3: Alecto Halter Top

Likes: This top has a feel satin was so soft and light! It was another high neck style that had a detail button in the back but was still easy enough to put on without unbuttoning. The pattern was really pretty.

Dislikes: As much as I loved the pattern, the colors were a little too bold for my style. I felt like I might have hard time pairing this one into fall with bottoms also. It looked great with my white denim, but I will not be wearing white as often later this year.

Keep or Return: RETURN

Item #4: Eris Knit Dress

Likes: This one was again, so soft! Most of their pieces are though. The length of this was perfect, right above the knee and it had pockets!!

Dislikes: My determining factor of this piece was size. I am still in between large and medium. I've been self-conscious since having Jaxon and while Large feels big, Medium is still a little tight for comfort. With this dress being a large though, it felt too big (which is a little exciting).

Keep or Return: RETURN

Item #5 : Maris Printed Pom Pom Short

Likes: Love love love this color! The little daisy print was so cute and I totally could see rocking these in the early Fall too! It had a cute pom pom detail around the bottom edge.

Dislikes: As much as I wanted to love these on me, I just felt like I was wearing a diaper! They were high-waisted, which usually I love, but it just never felt comfortable. I also have nothing to wear with this style.

Keep or Return: RETURN

Comment below with what your fave was out of this box and if you would have kept anything!

For my next fix, I am requesting more Fall-ready looks so I can easily transition into the next season and get good use out of the next pieces I purchase! And I don’t know about you, but Fall in my favorite fashion season because it’s when you can do all the fun layering things! So stay tuned!

My link to get YOUR NEXT Stitch Fix : https://stitch-fix.sjv.io/N6Z21

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