Spaghetti Squash Burrito Bowl (Fix-Approved!)

Who doesn't love #TacoTuesday and I'm pretty sure I'm good with having them every other day of the week, too! To cut some calories and add some extra veggies to my diet, I've tried a few different varieties but this recipe is definitely my favorite!

The best part, you can 100% use your #PortionFix containers* to make this Fix-approved and stick to your daily nutrition goals! When using the ingredients I did below, you will end up with

- 2 greens (veggie)

- 1 red (protein)

- 1 blue (healthy fat)

- 1 yellow (healthy carb)

- 1 tsp (olive oil)

You can find the reel of the original recipe (photo) here! **

Ingredients and instructions below! Makes 2 Servings - because you know you will want those leftovers tomorrow!